04. Where are We in the EA / IA Process?


Step 1: Define the Community Access Road


Step 2: Terms of Reference

Identify alternative routes (i.e., #1, #2, #3, #4)

Marten Falls First Nation made a community decision to move forward with #1 and #4


Step 3: Effects Assessment Methods

Evaluate alternative routes #1 and #4, temporary infrastructure and aggregate sources against a set of criteria and indicators

IS extension timeline submitted November 2022



Step 4: Identification of Preferred Alternatives

Select the preferred route and related infrastructure


Step 5: Review of draft and final EA / IS update

Submit the combined draft (2024) and final (2025) EA Report and the Federal Impact Statement (IS)

Federal and Provincial Decisions

Federal and provincial decisions made to approve or not. If approved, Project moves forward.


Timeline for detail design and construction will be available after the conclusion of the EA process

Operation and Maintenance

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What is the Environmental Assessment (EA) / Impact Assessment (IA) Process? The first step in planning the proposed Community Access Road is to complete a provincial (Ontario) EA and federal IA. Since this is combined, it’s referred to as the EA / IA Process.

What is an Impact Statement (IS)? A detailed technical document prepared by Marten Falls First Nation to meet federal requirements. The provincial version is called the EA Report. The provincial EA Report and the federal IS will be combined as one report.

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