Proposed Alternative Route Evaluation Criteria for the EA

An evaluation will be completed in the Environmental Assessment to compare Alternative 1 and Alternative 4 against a set of criteria specific to the Community Access Road.

Natural Environment:

  • Air quality;
  • Noise;
  • Surface water (e.g., lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks) and groundwater;
  • Significant ecological features and protected sites;
  • Vegetation communities, including wetlands and muskeg;
  • Wildlife and fish; and
  • Species at risk.

Indigenous Knowledge and Land Use:

  • Traditional use of land and resources, including Indigenous and Treaty Rights;
  • Cultural and spiritual sites;
  • Indigenous landscapes; and
  • Reserve land.

Socio-economic and Cultural Heritage:

  • Archaeological sites;
  • Community well-being;
  • Community services and infrastructure;
  • Changes to land use and access for industrial/commercial business activity; and
  • Human Health.


  • Route length;
  • Aggregate availability;
  • Construction implementation;
  • Capital cost;
  • Safety; and
  • Maintenance cost.

The criteria represent important features and are used to predict whether the proposed Community Access Road may result in effects on the environment or people through its construction and operation.

Are there other criteria you suggest we consider?

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