EA Status – Field Studies

Field studies have been conducted through 2019 and will continue through 2020 to help us better understand the existing conditions of the environment and potential impacts of the Community Access Road. The existing conditions of the environment can help to inform mitigation measures to avoid or reduce potential impacts during construction and operation

Close-up view of some plants and other vegetation found in Marten Falls.
A moose walking through vegetation and grassland in Marten Falls.

June to October 2019: Terrestrial (Vegetation and Wildlife)

  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Land wildlife (such as moose)
  • Plants
Birds-eye view of Marten Falls
A parked helicopter in Marten Falls with Field Studies personnel exiting the aircraft.

August to December 2019: Geotechnical and Engineering

  • Soil
  • Aggregate sources
  • Structures
Birds-eye view of moving waters in a lake and forest of trees in Marten Falls.
Birds-eye view of a lake and forest of trees in Marten Falls.

September 2019 to Late-2020:

  • Fish and water (surrounding lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks such as Ogoki River and Albany River)
  • Cultural Heritage (Archaeology and Built Heritage)
  • Noise and Air Quality
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