Reasons why the two western Alternative Routes (#1 and #4) are being considered


The bridge needed to cross the Albany River for the western alternatives would be further away from the community, reducing health and safety concerns, especially for children and youth.

Reduced Traffic

Industrial traffic would not need to pass through the community, giving MFFN greater control over who enters the community. Reducing traffic potentially reduces illegal activities entering the community.

Indigenous Values

Neither Alternative 1 or Alternative 4 will travel parallel the Ogoki River. This means potential effects on Indigenous value sites associated with this major waterway are largely avoided.

Economic Development

The western routes would enable better economic development opportunities in the region because they provide direct access to areas used by the mining and forestry industry, including potential areas of interest for future development.

Maintain Roads

The cost to construct and maintain a road along the western routes is expected to be lower than the eastern routes. The western routes are generally located on higher rocky ground and closer to the aggregate needed to build and maintain a road.

Question Mark

Do you have any comments, ideas or community values related to these potential routes for the Community Access Road?

Are there potential impacts on Aboriginal or Treaty Rights that we should consider?

Where and how might your hunting, fishing or gathering grounds be impacted by this Project?

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