What We’ve Heard Since the First Public Information Centre

What we've heard and how it's been considered:

Question: Will MFFN control access and the flow of people and goods into the community?
Answer: MFFN will consider the need and possibility of controlling public access on the road. This consideration will be part of the future planning and design activities.

Question: Will there be a Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment?
Answer: MFFN is not planning on undertaking a Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment as a part of the planning and design of the Project.

Question: What type of Impact Assessment is being completed?
Answer: Both a provincial Individual Environmental Assessment and federal Impact Assessment will be completed for the Project.

Question: Will translators and translated materials be available?
Answer: MFFN Community Advisors on the Project Team attend Project meetings and are available to translate. If requested, we help coordinate having local translators at meetings. We also translated the plain-language Guide to the Draft Terms of Reference to Oji-Cree and translate statutory notices to French.

Question: Some people hunt caribou. How will the Project assess impacts to caribou, especially their migration paths?
Answer: Caribou-related studies are being undertaken. These studies will assess potential effects the proposed Project may have on caribou and will inform future planning and design activities.

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