Marten Falls First Nation (MFFN) Community Access Road

August 2023 update
Current and upcoming activities

Welcome to the MFFN Community Access Road August 2023 E-Blast with updates on current and upcoming activities. This E-Blast features:

Field Study Updates

Field programs are taking place to better understand the existing conditions of the local environment and the potential effects of the MFFN Community Access Road.

The following activities took place this month:

Vegetation Field Program took place from August 3 to 6, 2023.
The vegetation field program surveyed several sites by air and on land to identify different types of plant communities that may be impacted by the access road. Surveys on land were conducted using hand-operated soil augers and peat probes. Some plants of interest include wabakamik / reindeer lichen, oshabomin / goose berry, and wadopatik / speckled alder. In total, 32 sites were assessed visually from the air, while 18 sites were assessed on the ground.

Summer Groundwater and Geochemistry Program took place from August 7 to 18, 2023.
The summer Groundwater and Geochemistry program has wrapped for the season. In total, groundwater samples were taken from 20 sites. Additionally, surveying and k-testing (which measures how easily water can flow through soil and rocks) occurred at more than 20 sites.

Ongoing field studies include:

Groundwater and Geochemistry Field Program – Groundwater Sampling (Late September 2023)
The Groundwater and Geochemistry Program began in 2022. There are more than 20 wells that are sampled seasonally to monitor groundwater conditions in the area. Groundwater samples are sent for laboratory analysis and will be tested for general water chemistry, metals, solids content, nutrients, hydrocarbons and others.

The final results of the programs will be available once all data is collected and analyzed and will be shared during the Draft Environmental Assessment and Impact Assessment Phase in 2024.

Field crews will continue to include MFFN community member Field Assistants or Community Member Advisors.

*Timelines and programs are approximate and may shift; we will provide updates as required.

New Videos! Learn about the studies taking place for the Community Access Road

Have you checked out the MFFN Community Access Road Multimedia Gallery? Here you will find videos and documents describing what is being studied (also known as 'valued components'), how it's being studied and why it's important. This includes both Indigenous Knowledge, which includes Anishinabek Traditional Knowledge, and western science.

Newly uploaded videos include:

All videos can be found on our Multimedia page with more to come!

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Opportunities to connect in-person this fall

Stay tuned for updates on ways to connect with the MFFN Community Access Road Team in person this fall. Until then, stay up to date by visiting our website regularly, watch our latest videos or contact us at any time with questions or comments, or to schedule a meeting. Meetings can be arranged in-person in any community, in the Thunder Bay area, or online. We want to hear what you have to say!

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