What is the Federal Impact Assessment Process?

The federal Impact Assessment process began in August 2019 with review and comment of the published initial Project Description. This was available on the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada’s (Agency) website page for the Community Access Road.

Indigenous communities, regulatory agencies, the public and other interested persons were invited to review the Project Description. All the comments received were compiled and summarized by the Agency and released as a ‘Summary of Issues’ document for MFFN Project Team consideration (available here).

A revised Project Description—called the Detailed Project Description—was submitted to the Agency to assist in their decision on whether a federal Impact Assessment was required.

On November 29, 2019 the Agency announced that the Community Access Road will require a federal Impact Assessment.

The Agency is currently developing draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines, a Cooperation Plan, a Public Participation Plan, an Indigenous Engagement and Partnership Plan and a Permitting Plan for the Community Access Road.

The draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines and Indigenous Engagement and Partnership Plan will be available for public review and comment in late 2019 to early 2020, prior to finalization.

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