Objectives For Engagement during the Terms of Reference Phase

Marten Falls First Nation (MFFN) is engaging with interested persons, including neighbouring Indigenous communities and the public, so that input is considered when making decisions related to the design and development of the community’s new all season access road.

MFFN will seek to ensure that the Environmental Assessment (EA) carefully addresses traditions, Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and land use.

Overarching objectives include:

  • Provide Indigenous communities and interested persons with opportunities to learn about theproposed all season community access road to Marten Falls First Nation reserve.
  • Review and gather feedback on the following:
    • Alternative routes and evaluation criteria;
    • Key environmental and social impacts to be considered in the EA;
    • Consultation Plan for the future EA; and
    • Approach for collecting Indigenous Knowledge (IK).

Are there additional objectives you would like us to consider?

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