Environmental Assessment Process

Back to all Open House #1 boards   Marten Falls First Nation has signed a voluntary agreement with the Province of Ontario to complete an Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) for the establishment of their all season access road. This road may also be subject to the Federal Environmental Assessment process. The EA process will determine …

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Thank You For Joining Us! Meegwetch!

Back to all Open House #1 boards   Stay Involved Join our mailing list. Leave your email or mailing address at the welcome table. Email us at info@martenfallsaccessroad.ca Call us at 1-800-764-9114 We look forward to speaking with you at our next Open House! Proposed Timeline for the Terms of Reference and Environmental Assessment

Proposed Field Studies

Back to all Open House #1 boards   Baseline studies will build on studies previously conducted for the access road and publicly available information. Information gathered from Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and discussions with regulators, the public and community members will also help inform the scope of the field studies. Examples of field studies include fish …

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Key Considerations for Planning and Design of Marten Falls First Nation’s Community Access Road

Back to all Open House #1 boards   Water quality and flows; Waterway navigability; Wildlife habitat and Species at Risk; Marten Falls First Nation (MFFN) community and neighbouring Indigenous communities; Culturally significant sites; Land use; New public access into MFFN territory (e.g., increased hunting pressure); Visual and/ or landscape changes; New opportunities for natural resource-related …

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Choosing the Routes to Study During the Environmental Assessment

Back to all Open House #1 boards   During the Terms of Reference, the number of routes for consideration during the Environmental Assessment could be reduced using a screening process, following the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Code of Practice. This screening will consider a broad range of factors to determine the routes …

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Potential Routes for the Community Access Road

Back to all Open House #1 boards   As a result of previous studies, four potential routes for the community access road have been identified. The four routes range in distance from 140 km to 250 km. Alternative 1 Uses greater length of existing Painter Lake access road; Provides an alternative Ogoki River crossing location; …

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The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge

Back to all Open House #1 boards   Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) can be defined generally as intrinsic and cultural knowledge of the land, resources and waters by Indigenous peoples. Indigenous Knowledge is vital for the planning of the community access road. Guiding principles for Indigenous Knowledge collection, protection and use …

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